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Think Pawsitive Dog Training

Dog is man's best friend...unless that dog has undesirable behaviors! Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Jennifer Ackley, will work with you in private one-on-one training sessions to teach your dog the manners and behaviors you desire, using positive rewards-based training methods.

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The techniques used help pet owners strengthen their bond with their furry best friend. 

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Our Trainer

All training services offered by professionally certified dog trainer

Jennifer Ackley, CPDT-KA

Jennifer received her B.A. in Psychology in 1989 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a concentration in animal behavior. After years of working in the communications industry, she followed her passion to become a dog trainer. In 2013, she graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College, and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) in March 2017.

She is also a CGC Evaluator, and a Mentor Trainer with Animal Behavior College.


As a certificant of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), Jennifer adheres to their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Policy and follows the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) principle in all her training. She continues her professional development by reading relevant material and attending workshops and online webinars, in order to keep up-to-date with the latest research and training methods. She has attended numerous dog training conferences, and has attended several educational seminars at Wolf Park in Indiana to learn more about canine behaviors. 

Jennifer is the founder and Executive Director of Wolf PAWS 'Positive Awareness Wolf-dog Sanctuary' in Dandridge TN where she spends a substantial amount of her time working with and caring for the resident wolf-dogs.

Private training sessions are offered by appointment.

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Problem Behaviors

Does your dog exhibit these behaviors?





House Soiling

Door Darting

Most behaviors that we humans deem "problems" are actually natural behaviors for dogs.  I will help you understand the "why" for the behavior, and work closely with you and your dog to implement my proven problem solving processes to "fix" the behaviors using positive rewards-based training methods. Each training session will address your individual training goals, with a flexible schedule to fit into your busy life.

Basic Obedience

Well-mannered dogs are a pleasure to live with and be around. Training your dog helps them burn up their endless energy using mental and physical exercises, and  increases your bond with your canine companion.


Private one-on-one training helps your dog get back on the right track by teaching basic obedience and manners, using positive rewards-based training methods, which has been proven to be more effective and more humane than aversive training methods. Training is done at your home (serving areas < 25 miles from 37725).  Each training session will be tailored to your dog's individual needs, with a flexible schedule that fits into your busy life.  

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Michael W. Fox

"Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect."


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